DGII Winners 2009

23. Congress

27. - 28. February 2009
M,O,C, Veranstaltungs- und Ordercenter, Munich

Science award:

Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat. Diplom-Physiker Wolfgang Haigis

Publication Price:

1. Platz

Monique Nennstiel ( Helios Klinik Erfurt)

Session Prices:

I. Scientific session: Diagnostic procedures

4 V K. Petermeier (Tübingen)
Pupil function of the optical and visual results of Tecnis ZCB00


II. Scientific session: Cornea, KPL, CXL

13 V Burkhard von Jagow2, D. Touboul1, T. Kohnen2, J. Colin1
(1Hôpital Pellegrin, Bordeaux, Frankreich; 2Frankfurt/Main)
Intracorneal ring segments (Intacs) in the treatment of keratoconus: long-term results


IV. Scientific session: General / PCO / Varia

22 V Andreas F. M. Borkenstein1, D.J. Apple1, G. Kleinmann1, B. Zaugg1, G.U. Auffarth2 (1Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina; 2Heidelberg)
New concepts on “no space - no cells”. New information derived from almost 57 years of observation of implanted Ridley lens
Abstract - Presentation slides [PDF]

V. Scientific session: Aphakic IOL / endophthalmitis

34 V Elena Margolina1, H. Hoerauf2, M. Müller1 (1Lübeck, 2Göttingen)
Vitrectomy for endophthalmitis without systemic antibiotics?

Abstract - Presentation slides [PDF]

VIII. Scientific session: Innovative IOLs

60 V Yvonne Heggemann, I.-J. Limberger, A. Mannsfeld, A. Ehmer,
M. P. Holzer, G.U. Auffarth (Heidelberg)
Dynamic stimulation Aberrometry for objective evaluation of the accommodative in patients with phakic IOL

IX. Scientific session: Refractive Surgery HH

71 V Mike P. Holzer, A. Mannsfeld, A. Ehmer, G.U. Auffarth (Heidelberg)
First clinical results after INTRACOR for presbyopia

X. Scientific session: Biometrics / Varia

79 V Annett Mannsfeld, A. Ehmer, M.P. Holzer, G.U. Auffarth (Heidelberg)
Power vector analysis in phakic and pseudophakic patients

XII. Scientific session: Phaco techniques

99 V Nadja Müller, M. Möglich, H. Häberle, D.T. Pham, C. Wirbelauer (Berlin)
Implantation of aspheric intraocular lenses with coaxial micro inzisionaler-cataract surgery (C-MICS)
Abstract - Presentation slides [PDF]

XIII. Scientific session: M-IOL

104 KV Cornelia Stützle, T. Neuhann (München)
First results with the toric multifocal Acrilisa Toric
Abstract - Vortragsfolien [PDF]

XIV. Scientific session: Glaukoma

107 KV Vytautas Jasinskas (Kaunas, Litauen)
First Experience with Canaloplasty in Lithiuana
Abstract - Vortragsfolien [PDF]

XV. Scientific session: IOL

119 V

Andreas Christian Schröder1, C. Lingenfelder2, B. Seitz1
(1Homburg/Saar; 2Neu-Ulm)
Influence of a carbon coating on the properties of an IOL
Abstract - Vortragsfolien [PDF]

Industry competition:

1. Place Haag-Streit Deutschland GmbH
2. Place Hoya Surgical Deutschland AG
(Implants and pharmaceuticals )
3. Place Produkte Peschke Medizintechnik GmbH
(Implants and pharmaceuticals)