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In the GSCRS Videothek you will find films, which were presented at GSCRS Kongressen. To view, you need the Adobe Flash Player.

Biaxial phako and narrow-angle glaucoma
Authors: István Cseke, E. Dura (Sopron, Ungarn)
Description: Efficacy and safety of the biaxial phako technique in 89 narrow angle glaucoma cases
Presented: DGII 2009


Capsule bag simulation for the dynamic recording of the IOL movement

Authors: Eckhard H. Roth, C.G. Hoffmann, H. Ludwig (Düsseldorf)
Description: Dynamic simulation of capsular bag shrinkage after IOL implantation
Presented: GSCRS 2009


The technology of DSAEK

Authors: Althaus C, Cartsburg O, Schmickler S
Description: Indication, Surgery, Possible Complications and Postoperative Healing of Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK).
Presented: GSCRS 2009


Clinical use of the femtosecond laser in keratoconus with ICRS implantation

Authors: Mark Tomalla (Duisburg)
Description: Tunnel screening before implantation of ICRS with femtosecond laser Femtec (20/10 Perfect Vision, Heidelberg)
Presented: GSCRS 2007


Assessment of IOL aberrations with the OPD scan using an experimental eye model

Authors: Reuland MS, Reuland AJ, Auffarth GU (Universitäts-Augenklinik Heidelberg)
Description: Method for assessing IOL aberrations using an experimental eye model
Presented: GSCRS 2006
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