Biaxial phako and narrow-angle glaucoma
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Authors: István Cseke, E. Dura (Sopron, Ungarn)




Abstract: Our film presents the efficacy and safety of the biaxial phako technique in 89 narrow angle glaucoma cases. A lens removal has been performed because of Gray Stars and / or as a therapeutic application at Angangle-Grstar. Biaxial microincision technology, own operator. The narrow pupil was extended with Viskoelasticum and Lester Hook. No dilator rings or iris rectractor application. We did not have significant pupillary complaints in a relatively high number (37). Capsula posterior lentis L (6). Malignant glaucoma development (2). ANtiglaukom medicines could be omitted in more than 65% of the cases, and in 20% glaucoma was compensated with only one medication. Linsenentfernung war in den meisten unserer Fälle von chronischem Engwinkel-Glaukom effektiv. Biaxiale Phako-Technik war eine sichere Methodein dieser Patientengruppe.
Published in: Klin Monatsbl Augenheilkd 2009; 226: Suppl 1, 1–24
Presented: DGII 2009
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