Annual Survey of GSCRS and BVA for the current status of cataract and refractive surgery

In December of every year, the German Society for Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (GSCRS), in cooperation with the professional association of the ophthalmologists in Germany (BVA), sends out questionnaires concerning operational performance to all German-speaking ophthalmological surgeons.

The annual survey deals with changes in surgical procedures. That is, it attempts to measure which new practices have been introduced in surgical procedures.  The results of the questionnaire will be published the following spring at the Annual Symposiums of GSCRS and the German Congress of Ophthalmo surgeons (DOC), as well as in the annual GSCRS Congress Volume. These results, in the form of “fact sheets”, deliver not only an interesting overview of the current state of field, but serve as a valuable source of information for the surgeon.

Published survey results

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